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About Corinna


My intention is to live from my heart in each moment and pass on to those that feel guided to share space with me what I have learned over my life time in the areas of Intuition, Mediumship, and the healing modalities of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki.




Being present with my spirituality started very young. I was aware that I knew things about people with no prior knowledge or could feel people's energy, history, health, emotions, or future events by sitting beside them. Like most people I did not know how to decipher or process the information I was getting so dismissed it and eventually learned to block it. However, in my teens the Universe brought me to Usui Reiki and I started to understand Universal energy more.


My awareness and opening to the gifts of Intuition and Mediumship started to come to the forefront of my life in 2003. I finally surrendered to the process and allowed myself to completely open up to the energy that surrounds each of us daily. I have taken many workshops and courses over the years and have been blessed by becoming a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master.

What I have learned and now know and trust completely is that there is a Universal energy that continues to communicate to all of us if we stay present to hear it, and my journey in staying present has been one of the greatest gifts in my life.


My intention is to assist people in remembering that they are a piece of the Divine and it is your Divine right to remember your connection to source and be in direct contact with source in all times. My wish is that I encourage people to reduce their requirement for guidance from outside sources and people, and to learn how to trust there own intuitive and healing natures. For we all have the capacity to hear the divine speak in each moment and heal with divine energy if we remember how. 


Reiki Practitioner


​At 17yrs old I was attuned and started to experience, work with and practice on family, friends and animals the beautiful healing modality of Usui Reiki. It was my first introduction to understanding energy on a much deeper level and understood the power in balancing energy within the physical body to assist the body to repairing itself and heal on many different levels. Because I choose to celebrate the wisdom of my journey on Earth so far I am proud to say I have been practicing Reiki for 28yrs and to this day I am still in awe and wonder when working with Universal energy. 


Reiki Master and Teacher

I have had the privilege and honor to teach Usui Reiki for 14yrs and Karuna Reiki for 10 yrs. Teaching is one of my greatest joys in life and in many ways has always been my deepest and truest callings. The spiritual awakening and healing that takes place in a teaching weekend is such an amazing experience to hold space for and facilitate. I cannot put into words how I am moved, uplifted and in awe each time I teach. Every class is unique and divinely guided. I am blessed and truly honored to be part of the experience each and every time.


Intuitive and Mediumship Readings


Usui Reiki assisted me to understand Universal energy on a deep and more expansive level.  In 2003 and 2004 I started working with this healing energy more and more, and it started allow me to become increasingly aware of the messages that were coming thru to me from Universe.  Once I started to find the courage to speak to others and relay the messages I was picking up during Reiki sessions, I realized I wanted to develop and understand the gift of Intuition further. In taking many courses and having supportive teachers and Intuitive guides along the way my intuition began to take the forefront of what I was to share with others for many years to come. I have had the honor to be sharing messages from spirit for over 15 years. I understand that the exchange of energy in a reading is a very sacred experience I come with the purest of heart hoping that the messages that come through help people heal, provide guidance and confirmation when required. 

Intuitive Development Teacher

​I am the developer and teacher of a joyful, awakening and interactive Intuitive development class. I have been blessed to have had many wonderful teachers over the years that assisted me in developing and understanding intuition. With their knowledge passed down and many years experience of Intuitive and Mediumship readings I have been guided to share my knowledge and teach people in the techniques to develop their already existing intuition. To understand it, harness it and work with it in loving and nurturing environment. 



Workshop and Retreat Teacher, Organizer and Facilitator

Teaching is one of my dearest and greatest joys. Bringing a group of like souls together to learn, share and heal is a blessing. I continue to have the privilege to facilitate, teach and speak at spiritual development classes and retreats.

The intention of each weekend retreat is to bring like souls together to learn from Master teachers, share life experiences and skills, and connect to spirit through the majesty of being at a peaceful and private retreat center in nature. It is a sacred weekend which allows you to take time for your spiritual growth by reawakening and heightening your connection to source.



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