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Intuitive/Mediumship Reading

Remote readings are available if you are not in the local area. All readings are currently completed through the ZOOM platform.

I connect to Divine energy and see what messages are being brought forward for you. As with many intuitive readers for me the less I know about you the better the reading and experience is for all. Therefore, when a reading is booked with me I will only ask for your first name.
Many times during a reading loved ones from the other side can come through as well to share their messages for you with love. 
I try not to limit a reading to only mediumship or intuitive readings but rather see what's comes through from spirit and allow that flow of communication to you to be non edited and clear.
My sessions are always centered around love, healing and positive guidance from your Divine team. You may even go home with home work. :)
Reiki Treatment

Remote treatments are available if you are not in the local area. All readings are currently completed through the ZOOM platform.

A traditional Reiki treatment which balances the chakras and assists with healing and balancing on many levels. After the treatment I write down for you what I picked up on in your energy field, what we worked on and we take sometime to go through the notes together. This review process provides you with insight into what is balanced and unbalanced in your energy system and what you can continue to do at home to assist you in healing and balancing your physical, mental and emotional energy fields. I consider us partner in your wellness journey. 
Often people questions if Reiki works via Skype and distance, but I can assure you that it does and your experience will be the very same it could be when in my studio. 
Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 | November 26 & 27

Usui Reiki level 1 and 2 are taught together in the same weekend. Usui Level 1  is an introduction to Reiki energy. You will learn about the history of Usui Reiki and will start to learn about the 7 main chakras and there corresponding color, musical note, physical and emotional links. You will be attuned with the first sacred Reiki Symbol and will practice chakra cleansing, chakra meditations and feeling differences in energy. You will leave with a basic knowledge of energy within the body and how Reiki works to balance those energies.

The Usui Reiki Level 2 course is taught in conjunction with Level 1.  You will be attuned to two more sacred Reiki symbols and will be guided through and practice Reiki treatments. Including basic hand positions, techniques for balancing the chakras, and the ethics involved in becoming a Reiki practitioner. You will leave with a more in-depth understanding of Reiki and will be certified as a Reiki practitioner.

Usui Reiki Level 3 | TBD

The Usui Level 3 Course is the next step in mastering and working with Reiki energy. You will be attuned to one more sacred Reiki symbol and will have plenty of hands on practical experience in working with clients. We will also cover using crystal and gem stones in a Reiki therapy treatment, distant healing, cutting etheric cords, DNA work, vibrational affirmations, and the Six Clair's. There will be a focus on how you are receiving your information about your client intuitively and how you can utilize that information in a treatment, and will be certified in the Advanced Reiki Training.

Usui Reiki Masters | TBD

The Masters course is intended for those students who wish to go on and teach Reiki. You will be attuned to the Usui Masters symbol, and trained in the attunement process.

Intuitive Development Retreat | TBD

It is my personal belief that we are all divine beings who are connected to source energy at all times. We all have the ability and the innate knowledge within to connect to our intuitive nature. In connecting to your intuitive abilities you will begin to listen to what your higher self and spirit are trying to communicate to you. It is my belief that when we start to listen and connect intuitively to source energy ones direction in life can become clearer and joy for life can increase because we are once again following our heart songs. This course is designed to assist those that have a calling to communicate and listen to spirit for their own personal development or to enhance a career path that they are currently on. The course focuses on a number of tools and techniques to assist in understanding how you may be receiving your intuitive information and how to increase your abilities. There is also a strong focus on meditation and emotional clearing techniques that can clear any stagnant energy or emotions that may be blocking you from clearer connections with your higherself.

Karuna Reiki | TBD

Where Usui Reiki is love, Karuna® Reiki is compassion in action. Karuna® assists healing at the cellular level. Beloved Ascended Master, Kuan Yin (also spelt Quan Yin) oversees Karuna Reiki® and is an important guide through this healing art. People who feel guided to this magnificent healing energy are required to have completed their Usui master certification and have worked with Usui energy as much as you have been guided.

Meditation & Manifestation 2020
This is an Online Course
Dates - January 4, 11, 18 and 25
Each Saturday 10am-12pm MST

A comprehensive online course where I will walk you through a number of meditative practices. You will learn the value of meditation in enhancing your daily life and how this practice can benefit you physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will work through a wide variety of meditation practices. We will also focus our energy on manifesting a clear vision for ourselves for the year 2020. You will learn about the art of manifesting your hearts desires through managing your vibration, clearing up any abundance blockages and gaining clarity on what you do want to manifest for yourself in 2020.  
At the end of the course you will walk away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and clear with both a profound understanding of the meditation techniques that work best for you as well as a vision for what 2020 will bring you.

Oracle Card Work Shop| Feb 8 - 29
This is an Online Course
Dates - Feb 8, 15, 22, 29
Each Saturday from 10am-12pm MST
This course specializes in learning how to read oracle cards for your self and others. In a safe and caring environment we will understand the purpose of oracle cards and learn to use oracle cards to deepen our innate intuitive abilities and connect to divinity. We will move beyond the original card meaning and start to read cards intuitively through the symbolism within the card and the message that you are receiving from the Divine directly.

Monthly Video Reading Subscription
(3 month).

This is a 3 month subscription to a mini intuitive guidance reading that is recorded and sent to you via email. These sessions are a  mini version of the full one hour intuitive mediumship readings I usually provide. These are intended to provide quick and ready insight on your journey. 
I will tune into your energy and pull three oracle cards to provide you with guidance on what you need to know most right now as you navigate through your life.  Each reading will run approx 30mins all dependent on the guidance received. The reading will arrive the first week of each month. Your first video reading will start the first of the month after the initial booking date

Included: 30 min video reading delivered via email

Level 1 - Online Intuitive Development Course : TBD

This course is designed to start with the basic building blocks of intuition to build a solid foundation to continue to strengthen your intuitive abilities. This course Is best suited for beginners and those people that have some experience but want to continue to strengthen their foundations through practice and learning new techniques and tools.

Just some of what you will learn:

  • Chakras

  • Grounding

  • Meditation/Visualization

  • Types of Psychic abilities & their uses

  • Working with Spirit Guide and Angels

  • Telepathy, card readings, pendulums and much more


Each course will consist of:

  •   2 hours per week (for 8 weeks) live online workshops via Zoom

  • Weekly handouts and homework assignments

  • Weekly partner work via Skype

  • Meditations created by Allison and Corinna

  • Certificate of completion

Intuitive development_ level 2.png
Level Two Online Intuitive Development Course: TBD

This course is designed for those looking to strengthen your intuitive/psychic abilities and open up your energy to clearer communication with the Divine. This is a supportive online and interactive class that encourages connection, encouragement and empowerment.


This course is best suited for individuals who have taken the following courses previously:

- Level 1 Online Intuitive Course with Alison Wynne-Ryder and Corinna Arnold

- Level 1 Intuitive Development with Alison Wynn-Ryder (In Class)

- Intuitive Development Workshop or Weekend Retreats with Corinna Arnold (in class)

Just some of what you will learn:

  • Learn how to strengthen and develop your psychic abilities

  • Deep meditation - Journeying to other planes

  • Form a stronger bond with your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel

  • Visit the Akashic Records

  • Future Predictions

  • Intuitive reading for others - moving beyond oracle cards

  • Skrying

  • Channeling

  • Deepening your work with Psychometry

  • and much, much more...


Each course will consist of:

  •   2 hours per week (for 8 weeks) live online workshops via Zoom

  • Weekly handouts and homework assignments

  • Weekly partner work via Skype

  • Private Intuitive Development Facebook Page for each class

  • Meditations created by Allison and Corinna

  • Certificate of completion

Festival of Spirit Retreat - TBD

Join us for a weekend filled with learning, healing and joy!

With five lovely teachers by your side you will be guided through a number of classes and experiences including:

- Crystal Grid Class (Each person will go home with their own Crystal Grid)

- Crystal Sound Bath Meditation

- Mala Making Workshop (Each person will go home with their own mala and bracelet)

- Healing with Compassion and Empathy Workshop

- Morning Kundalini Yoga 

- Evening Drum Circle

- Group Psychic and Mediumship Event

- AND a few surprises...

The weekend runs from 4:00pm, Friday Oct 26 to 5:00pm, Sunday October 28.

**Food and accommodations are billed separately via invoice. Cost for accommodations and 6 meals is $350.00.  Tea, coffee, water and snacks are also included.**

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