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" I have had both an Intuitive Mediumship session and Reiki (long distance) with Corinna. I was struggling with some issues and was so blessed to have Corinna help me through them and clear out some negative things happening in my life from a long time ago. It was affecting how I was feeling and bogging me down. She gave me a wealth of information from Spirit that keeps helping me heal in so many ways. 


Corinna is truly such a gifted Medium with the gift of the Divine coming through her, she is amazing.  I cannot thank you enough Corinna for how you have helped me clear so many things from my past and help me on my spiritual path. You are my angel and I thank you for that. 

I love you Corinna for coming into my life. I am so blessed and thankful that you shared your beautiful gift with me. I am so thankful also that you do long distant Mediumship and Reiki sessions. It makes it so much easier to have a session" 

— M.R.

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