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Universe speaks to us in many different languages. Constantly whispering to us to assist us in remembering and navigating our way through this Earth school. The Divine IS Love and is expressed in millions of beautiful ways. Perhaps it is as simple as the smell of a flower that ignites something within, a conversation with a friend, the smile of a stranger, a dream, a book that is brought your way, a new teacher or class or even the wind. Everything is energy, and through the manifestation of energy, and the energy within the manifestation, the Divine speaks to us.

We are all called to do great things in our journey. For some of us it's to simply care for an animal’s wellbeing, for others it may be a teacher, a writer, a healer, a cook, or a doctor. All of these callings has the opportunity to bring to it enlightenment, joy and expansion of the Divine. For me, I have been called by the Universe to be a healer, a teacher and a spiritual communicator for the Divine. Of course I am much more than that, like a mother, a wife, a sister, a aunty, a friend, a writer, an artist, etc. but at the heart of my souls calling I am here to assist others remember that they are an expression and expansion of the Divine. How blessed we all are to bring forward our own unique signatures of love and light. Each of us essential to the great unfolding of Divine grace.

I feel centered in the knowingness that when I do this work I am home and when I step away from the work I do so to learn more, heal more and be a more authentic being. I am keenly aware when something brings me joy and when it does not. It has taken me awhile to learn how to recognize it and even longer to honor it. For when we are working from a place of joy life continues to expand and grow to new heights of wonder and awe. When we choose to live from fear we start to turn inward and the world seems limiting and a place to survive not thrive. When we honor ourselves by listening to our heart songs and changing when our song is sad or not in alignment with joy we are allowing the Divine to lift us up and raise us to new levels. For a time teaching and readings were not bringing me joy. I was baffled by the shift, but I trusted the feeling in my heart and I stepped away. By doing so I was able to heal more, learn more and honor other pieces of my life expression. I have lived in joy doing it.

Back in the spring I felt a yearning in my heart. I could hear the whispers in the wind and through the flutter of the butterfly wings in my garden that it was time to teach and allow Spirit to communicate through me once again. Friends came forward asking if I missed teaching. They felt the whispers too. I just payed attention to them coming forward and I was silently waiting. Then of course people started to come forward that wanted to learn and wanted to hear from spirit. New people that I have never met before. I smiled recognizing the beauty of the Source divinely orchestrating the dance and bring everything into alignment.

We are taught as young people that you have to work and sacrifice for anything of value to come of your life. I have learned the exact opposite is true. The Universe is always conspiring for your best interest and that which is in alignment with your vibrational being. That does not mean you sit on your couch and just wait. You have to be an active participant in your life. There is a difference in being an active participant with clear intention and trust than a participant that keeps pushing the Universe to their will. By pushing the Universe to your will you can be pushing against the grain and flow of Source. Some will have a level of success with that, but there is a more peaceful way that I have learned to trust. Get up each day with gratitude in your heart, get quite, listen to your soul’s message and have the courage to honor that. What will start to unfold is a life that flows with ease. People come forward at the "right" time, opportunities come forward when you are ready and you feel at peace and at ease within. Trusting and knowing that if you stay heart centered, present and in gratitude life simply unfolds for you.

So here I am opening my heart to teach and communicate with spirit for others and myself once again. I cannot wait to start! I feel over joyed with the opportunities that have been brought forward to me with ease so far and I am so looking forward and excited to see how the rest unfolds for all of us. Life is such a treasure of amazing, wild and lovely experiences. I am blessed beyond measure. I invite you to connect with me if your heart feels called to do so and check back once and while to my BLOG and VLOG pages. Lots of cool stuff to come!

As always I thank you from my heart to your heart, and for sharing your time with me here. I wish for you joy, love and the awareness to slow down and pay attention to the Divine as it’s there right now whispering to you...shhh...listen...


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