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A New Life Begins...

At the beginning of each New Year we have a cultural tradition to set resolutions for ourselves. For some this may be a way of focusing and getting clear on what you hope to let go and bring in for another year. The thought of shedding the past and awaking to a New Year can be transformational for some especially after a hard year. For many, this year has been one of many trials and struggles, for others great awakening and joy, and for even more a combination of both.

I appreciate the intention behind this tradition. However, what I have come to learn over the years is that we have opportunity after opportunity to awaken to a new us and new possibilities after each breath taken. As each moment passes we are brought into the newness of life. The moment that left through the last breath no longer exists and we start anew again. Each new breath brings new life and possibility to us. Each moment is a gift from the Divine.

The Divine is always guiding us to our best selves if we are present enough to feel it and see it. Each moment a new opportunity to release the past and make life new again. Each breath released brings the opportunity to forgive ourselves and others, to let go of anger,resentment and jealousy. Just as each new breath can bring forward to us a feeling of joy, love, pleasure and peace.

A new life begins every moment my friends. So as we move forward this year and even if you have set intentions for your life this year and perhaps even stumble a few times. Always remember that each new breath brings you an opportunity to start a new. Be kind to yourselves this year, love yourself through any challenges or shifts this year may bring to you and my greatest hope is that you take a moment to go within, breathe, and see the joy, abundance, pleasure and love there for you.

Just close your eyes and breath is there for you me.

With love and blessings to you this year,


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